Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Are You A Good Candidate For Online Personal Training?

Some of my clients are now opting for online personal training rather than one on one in person training. It's great for a lot of busy people from executives, to active people that work from home, to stay home moms that don't want to worry about childcare. Workouts can be designed for you to do on your own at the gym or at home using very basic equipment. It's totally customized for you.

Key requirements for online training include:
  • The ability to use a simple computer app either on your smart phone or desktop
  • Setting aside the time required to do your workouts as scheduled
  • Commitment to logging the details of your workouts in the app and communicating with your trainer via text or e-mail several times a week 
  • No serious health risk, injuries, or physical limitations that may warrant the trainers physical presence

It's pretty easy to get started with online training. After a brief e-mail discussion you complete some forms and set up your account on the training app. We discuss your goals, available equipment (if any), and many other details. I then add your training plan for the first week into the app. When you log into the app you will see your plan including instruction videos for each exercise. As you complete the exercises you can log your workout details and any comments. It's important that the details are accurate because your training plan for the following week is always based on how you did this week.

Online training is usually a minimum 3 month commitment. Of course in person training is still the best choice for many. Contact me any time and we can discuss the best option for you. www.coach-patty.com