Friday, December 1, 2017

Beginning a Lifestyle Challenge

Getting started with a healthy lifestyle is the hardest part for most people. Often we start out too aggressive, and then cannot stick with it. An easier way is to start with small goals and build on that success. The following is an idea of some very basic goals to get started. Stick with the plan for 21 days. If you are already accomplishing any of these items just replace with your own goal. You can set new goals every few weeks, or even every few months.
  1. Eat 3 meals a day
  2. Meals should be eaten sitting at a table with real dinnerware and utensils
  3. Drink water with every meal
  4. Eat a minimum of one vegetable serving and one fruit serving with each meal
  5. If hungry between meals have a healthy snack, plan ahead to have the right food on hand
  6. No fast food 
  7. Try at least one new healthy food 
  8. Be active a minimum of 20 minutes each day
  9. Walk a mile at least 3 days each week
  10. Try at least one new exercise during the 21 day period 

Keep a journal during the 21 days making notes on how are doing, how you feel, what you should change next, etc. If you start this challenge August 10 it will take you through the end of the month. At the end of the challenge reward yourself in some small way. Then come up with your own September Goals. Keep making small changes. Over a period of time you will have a whole new YOU.