Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Why Everyone Should Lift Weights

Weight lifting is not just for athletes, strong men, and body builders. Weight lifting is recommended for all adults as part of their regular fitness program. Exercises can be adjusted to suit a persons individual ability and fitness goals.

Some of the benefits you may experience due to strength training include:

Improved muscle strength
Improved bone density
Decreases in body fat and improved muscle to fat ratio
Increased ability to perform daily task
Stronger tendons and connective tissue
Improved muscle definition and appearance
Higher caloric expenditure due to higher muscle mass
Improve posture and reduce back pain
Lower health risk and disease
Improved body image and self confidence
Improved mood, sleep, and more

Strength exercises should be part of an overall fitness plan that includes cardiovascular exercise, balance and flexibility, and healthy eating habits. Beginners to strength training can benefit from a full body workout performed as little as once or twice weekly.

When beginning a strength training program start out with 8 to 10 basic exercises. As you get stronger you can do more variety, add more sets or reps to your routine, or workout with heavier weights. Your exact program will depend on your current fitness level, previous workout experience, and also your fitness goals.