Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Beginning a Lifestyle Challenge

Getting started with a healthy lifestyle is the hardest part for most people. Often we start out too aggressive, and then cannot stick with it. An easier way is to start with small goals and build on that success. The following is an idea of some very basic goals to get started. Stick with the plan for 21 days. If you are already accomplishing any of these items just replace with your own goal. You can set new goals every few weeks, or even every few months.
  1. Eat 3 meals a day
  2. Meals should be eaten sitting at a table with real dinnerware and utensils
  3. Drink water with every meal
  4. Eat a minimum of one vegetable serving and one fruit serving with each meal
  5. If hungry between meals have a healthy snack, plan ahead to have the right food on hand
  6. No fast food 
  7. Try at least one new healthy food 
  8. Be active a minimum of 20 minutes each day
  9. Walk a mile at least 3 days each week
  10. Try at least one new exercise during the 21 day period 

Keep a journal during the 21 days making notes on how are doing, how you feel, what you should change next, etc. If you start this challenge August 10 it will take you through the end of the month. At the end of the challenge reward yourself in some small way. Then come up with your own September Goals. Keep making small changes. Over a period of time you will have a whole new YOU.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

What About HIIT Workouts?

I was recently ask "What is HIIT and should I be doing it?" The answer is the same as the answer to many fitness questions: "It depends".

HIIT is an acronym meaning High Intensity Interval Training. Many fitness professionals, workout DVDs, and fitness studios have made a name for themselves promoting this style of workout. The big benefit is that you can get a hard workout, and fitness improvements, in a shorter period of time. The problem is that the workout style has been so highly promoted many individuals are over doing it. If done correctly HIIT workouts are very high intensity short duration workouts. If you do this type of workout too frequently or for longer periods of time you are at an increased risk of injury or burnout. Plus you will likely not be able to continue putting in the correct intensity.

It is recommended to only do HIIT workouts 1 to 3 days per week, alternating with more moderate workouts. Also, if you are new to working out, or have injuries or health issues, you likely need to skip HIIT completely. First improve your baseline fitness. Then you will be able to gradually add more variety to your workouts. Be sure to master a specific exercise before including it in your HIIT workout.

If you need assistance with your fitness routine contact me for personal training. www.coach-patty.com

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Walking For Fitness

I am a huge fan of walking for fitness. Almost anyone can walk. So it's an easy entry level fitness activity, a good base for your overall fitness program, a fun workout for an active recovery day, and also a good way to add activity to your normal day.

Spring is a great time to get started before the weather heats up. If you are new to walking start with an easy walk in your neighborhood or at the local park. Fifteen to twenty minutes several days a week is a great starting point. Once you have walked a few weeks you can increase your walking workout by going longer or faster.

If you already walk for fitness you might challenge yourself to walk farther this month, work on improving your walking speed, or sign up for a fun walking event.

Don't be fooled into thinking walking is always an easy workout. Walking can be as strenuous or as easy as you like. You can make walking more intense by walking faster, improving your technique, walking hills, or going for a challenging hike. Did you know the fastest walkers in the world can walk a mile in about six minutes! 

In addition to exercise walking, everyone can benefit from adding steps to their day. You can even benefit simply by standing when possible rather than sitting. Consider these very easy ways to add steps:
  • park farther away from work or the store
  • take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • take Fido and/or the family out for a quick walk around the block
  • walk over to visit a neighbor
  • take a walking break after lunch
  • walk while talking on the phone or during a conference call
  • walk while waiting for your child at ball practice or dance class
If you have a desk job set your alarm and get up to move around at least once each hour. Every 30 minutes is even better.

You can challenge yourself by training to walk in a local event, learning to racewalk, or adding additional workouts to your walking routine. If I can assist you with your fitness plan contact me any time. www.coach-patty.com